From the time we start working on a site to going live it usually takes about 2 weeks.

If it is a redesign of an existing site and we get the host login information and can access the existing files and domain name it all goes pretty quickly. If there is a lost password or access to the account is hard to get then it takes a little longer.

A new site requires buying a domain name and hosting. These are separate purchases but most of the time can be bundled together in one transaction. Once the domain and host are processed then the uploading and installing can begin.

For example; on this website we obtained the domain name, paid for hosting and the Avada theme. Once it was installed and the kinks for all the setting were worked out in one day. Avada is very particular about the settings of the host account. Those have to be worked out if there are any conflicts. Avada won’t run on a lower cost shared host without some tweaks. Advance homework enabled us to avoid any pitfalls of fatal errors and a site that won’t load!

Once we were able to start working on the content we assembled the information for the home page. This involves deciding how you wanted the site to look. The home page is the single most important page on a website. From there all the information and photos and other content are accessible. After creating a few pages to have a menu and ability to add links to the buttons or photos used on the home page we were ready to start. To avoid any redos or scrapping and starting over communication with you is essential. Mockups sent to you of design of content to get approval or tweaks will make coordinating site content with your ideas easy! This can take a few days to get right, or if we got the sense of your needs it can be close to right from the first mockup or two.

As we progressed down the page we saved or deleted special content like separators, buttons, etc. We decided on using the partial circular separators you see at the top of each page after trying out a couple of other section separators. The button color defaults were set. Avada includes a new layout builder that allows global sections to be custom built which means we can create once and it carries over to all the pages. This really speeds things up and keeps consistency throughout the website. This includes the header, page title bar, page content and footer areas.

Once started this website was pretty much done within one week. A few more tweaks and it went live within 2 weeks. Most of the extra week was spent looking through the options available with Avada to see if there were options we had not used but marked as interesting possibilities.

Not all websites need a theme as complicated or expensive as Avada. This website didn’t need it, but I wanted to play around with some of its interesting features, like the timeline you see on the right of this page. Most of the websites we design work fine and look great using a free theme available on Many in my portfolio are using free themes found there.