Fifteen + years

Website designing has grown to become a high dollar business for many. Nowadays everyone and every business has a website. We started in the days when mystery code on the back-end gave you your website on the front-end. Along came WYSIWYG (What You See is What You Get) editors to make the job easier but not yet without some code knowledge to refine the custom designing.
With Content Management Systems such as many hosting providers offer for ‘Free!’ everyone thinks it is easy to be a designer! The ‘Free’ templates and website builders are inviting and easy to use. But you may see that you get the ‘cookie-cutter’ look. Scrolling through many websites you can usually pick out the theme where the site was hosted by the lack of customizations.
For true customization so you don’t have the ‘cookie-cutter’ look we use WordPress. The #1 CMS solution used by top companies. While WordPress does all the heavy lifting we still need to keep our ideas fresh to give your site it’s individual personality.

Below are some of the sites we have been privileged to work on. Some for 15 years or more, some are fairly new. Have a look and see if we might be what you are looking for in a design team.