Double-Tap Firearms

The Project

Double-Tap Firearms in Bakersfield, California was a referral from our long time client Kern County Sheriff Mounted Posse.

We were happy to dive in and help the owners who were stuck trying to develop the site on their own. They laid the groundwork with hosting and domain, and we took it from there.

They started the site with the Elementor Free version builder on BlueHost. Elementor Free does offer many interesting features. As we had zero experience with this builder we began working on the site with the caveat if we could not get the site developed to our satisfaction we would switch to Avada.

The free version and a small selection of free plugins specific for Elementor enabled us to get the site up and running fairly quickly.

The site owners may want to branch out to ecommerce in the future. We have included WooCommerce in the backend to ensure compatibility. That may open a whole new ‘can of worms’ with Elementor but we will work it out as we go.

  • Site Re-design

  • SEO with RankMath

  • Google Site Development Content Integration
  • Contact Form Deliverability

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