Hosting matters.

While we don’t offer self hosting, we do have recommend hosting providers. In today’s age where everything is online, choosing a web hosting service for your business or individual needs will go a long way in helping you fulfil your website goals. As website designers we at WebbSpots need web hosting services to boost the performance of the sites, and because we know this, we can offer some advice on value and performance. Because we extensively use the Avada website builder from Theme Fusion for our website developing we require more than the cheap basic hosting. Avada requires more resources to function due to its impressive array of included options.

Hostinger’s shared hosting plans gives the best value for your money with a 12-month subscription. We use Hostinger for the majority of our hosting. Very busy sites that have a large number of online sales requires their premium hosting.

SiteGround continuously works to boost WordPress performance. Hosting with SiteGround gets static and dynamic caching enabled, which can result in up to 5x faster sites. A little pricier than Hostinger is the only reason it is given second place. Performance + when needed.

WP Engine is built for WordPress from the bottom up. Easier setup and migration, reliable and automatic WordPress updates, extra security features, specialist performance optimizations, valuable troubleshooting features and more. Highly recommended by others although I haven’t used their services.

Namecheap – Find the right hosting for your domain. Whether you want speed, simplicity, space, or super-power, we’ve got you covered. Choose from shared, VPS, dedicated, and Managed WordPress options. Or, try Site Maker to get a personal site online.

Takeaway for this information is who to avoid.

Our least favorite hosting is GoDaddy. We would recommend staying away from them for any use. Hosting and Domain (both) are overpriced and underrated.

Special note, Avada and GoDaddy do not play well together.