Domains & URLs

Securing a domain or domain name is the first step in creating an online presence that will help you get found by prospects on Google and other search engines.

Our experts put together these helpful tips for picking the perfect domain.

  • Keep your name easy to remember
  • Choose a name that fits your brand
  • Register alternative TLDs for brand protection
  • Register common domain misspellings

A domain is a part of the web address nomenclature someone would use to find your website or a page of your website online. It is a string of text associated with the numerical IP address of a website that’s much easier for people to remember and search.

A domain is one part of a complete web address, or URL. A URL typically consists of a protocol, domain name, and path. For example, the URL of this page is: . It is made up of the following parts:

  • protocol (“https://”)
  • top-level domain (“.com”)
  • path (“/domain”)
  • directory (“/webbspots/”)
  • domain name (“”)

Perhaps most importantly, a domain gives you ownership over your website’s address. No one else can claim it while you have it registered. This grants you total control over what website it points to, which domain name registrar maintains it, what information is associated with your domain name account, who administers it, and whether you want to sell it.

How to get a Domain name?

Most hosting providers also provide the ability to purchase domain names. Hosting plans vary but will sometimes include the cost of registering a domain. Check thoroughly if it is included or if you will be required to pay the registrar yearly in addition to the hosting fees.

Using your host domain search function will quickly allow you to eliminate already purchased domain names.

Want to find out if a domain is registered and who owns it? You can use the ICAAN Lookup tool provided at this website: Registration data lookup tool.