No added costs.

Whether you’re looking to launch a new website or revamp your existing, your club’s or your company’s website, you’re probably wondering how much does web design really cost?

With many professional web design prices ranging from $1000s to more than $100,000 there are a variety of factors that influence the cost of web design. Here at WebbSpots Designs we do this with small budgets in mind. We save costs by keeping our business small. This helps keep our expenses at a minimum which we pass on to you. Your site and information is always kept secure on remote servers with login encryption.
We provide this service to those who need a presence without an overload of information or a commercial bank account. Puppies, Foals, Contacts, photos, brags, sharing club news for members and the world to find. Online forms for visitors or club members to fill out and submit or print a PDF and mail.

All of the sites we design for others are done with your limited budget in mind. We prefer to keep it that way. If you need an elaborate website that regularly has thousands of visitors daily or needs custom artwork we are probably not your ideal designer!

Most designs are $350 for the first year. This is whether we start from scratch or take over existing. This includes updating information, photos, forms, and/or sales information as needed for the year. If the site grows beyond being what we consider manageable then we will let you know the fee would need to be revisited. Updates regularly are no problem. After the set up costs and first year our recurring fees are $175 yearly. Depending on the hosting needed it may or may not be included in this fee. Some sites are very photo and traffic heavy that requires a host that is a little more expensive and would be $200. Small sites usually don’t run a lot of information through the host and it can be included in the yearly fee. Larger sites need more hosting space and traffic would have to be hosted with an upgraded plan.