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What we offer

WebbSpots Designs offers a full service web design and development service to build your new or modernize your existing web presence. We can build from the ground up, providing a unique web experience that gives a voice to your ideas. If your site is currently online we can give it a fresh new look with currently available technology.

From beginning to end your custom website is guaranteed to be unique. We work with your preference of colors, your unique logo, your images, ideas and wants as well as the number of initial pages, top banner images, menu placement and overall content. We will take it from there. Social media links are very common for all websites and easily incorporated.

Who We Are

We offer to personally guide you so that you or your staff can perform the specific tasks needed to keep your online presence up to date and relevant. Or if needed we offer a very reasonable yearly update rate to keep your site current and your programs updated.

Let WebbSpots Designs help define your personal or organization’s visual and virtual presence.



We will train you to update your site if you prefer to DIY.  If you have never ventured into any WordPress editing there may be a learning curve that will require in depth training which will mean scheduling time and additional costs to you.

What is KISS?2023-08-04T14:44:58+00:00

Keep It Super Simple is the acronym we live by. Most of our site designs are created with simplicity in mind. Overdone sites that are busy and impossible to navigate are not our style. We prefer to use white space to rest the eyes and give the brain time to comprehend the content. Easy to navigate menus and links in content to help visitors find what your site has to offer.

Just Ask2023-08-04T14:46:13+00:00

If you decide you don’t like your website or have a new logo in mind we are happy to make adjustments. We prefer to leave graphic design to the experts in that genre. We do create your website around the graphics and photos you send us. We have found that starting with your professionally designed logo, and discovering your preferences for color and the overall feel you desire is the beginning to an exceptional working relationship.


No website should be online without a SSL certificate. Some hosts do not provide a free SSL certificate, most do. We can save you fees on hosting or domains by using Cloudflare CDN free SSL option in those cases. If you plan to have ecommerce you must have an SSL certificate to operate your checkout.

Domain Names2023-08-04T14:48:38+00:00

Deciding on your Domain name is crucial to having a website that represents your business, organization, club or hobby. We will purchase your preferred domain name with hosting if it is available. If you already have a domain name and want us to design or re-design your site we will be happy to provide our service. Examples of domain names are Microsoft.com, Sony.com, Disney.com.


We can usually work with your preferred host, or let us set you up on our preferred host. Hostinger provides economical plans for every need. From heavy traffic sites to hobby owners, Hostinger provides consistent up times, speed and support.

Updates Included2023-08-04T14:52:59+00:00

After we have created your perfect site you get the 1st year of updates included.


If you are a non-profit let me know on the initial contact. We work with non-profits to keep the costs down.


We love working with Ecommerce! WooCommerce has been integrated with Avada and WordPress to make selling your product, service or memberships flow with ease. The addition of ecommerce not in initial design may be an extra charge, depending on your business model.


After acceptance of your custom design there may be times when you decide to add features like video, ecommerce, or perhaps you have decided to hand your site to new owners. We don’t always charge extra for additional information or services, but there are cases where the original design has to be altered. In this situation extra charges may apply.

24 Hours2023-08-04T15:03:31+00:00

24 hours is the usual turnaround time for updates you have submitted, unless they require design changes.

There’s More!2023-08-04T15:05:09+00:00

After the initial year if you wish to continue with updates we only charge $175. This price includes keeping the website security updates, hosting (in most cases) and domain. we will update your content as often you wish to make changes. The addition of more than 5 new pages a year may incur additional charges.

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We have provided comprehensive website development for many non-profits, not-for-profits and individuals that desire a showcase for their hobbies.

Let’s make things happen!

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