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What We Offer

What We Offer

WebbSpots Designs offers a full service web design and development service to build your new or modernize your existing web presence. We can build from the ground up, providing a unique web experience that gives a voice to your ideas. If your site is currently online we can give it a fresh new look with currently available technology.

From beginning to end your custom website is guaranteed to be unique. We work with your preference of colors, your unique logo, your images, ideas and wants as well as the number of initial pages, top banner images, menu placement and overall content. We will take it from there. Social media links are very common for all websites and easily incorporated.



Our Creations Stand Out From The Crowd!

Yearly Updates

  • Includes Domain & Hosting
  • We Keep The Site Plugins Up To Date
  • Updates to Content Any Time Needed
  • Additional Pages As Needed
  • Apply New Features
  • Expand On Content
  • Add New Products
  • Adjust Forms As Needed
  • Trouble Shoot
  • All Included in Initial Build Expanded

Initial Build

  • Includes Domain & Hosting
  • Your Logo in Custom Banner With Menu
  • 25 Pages
  • ECommerce
  • 100 Simple Products/50 Variable Products
  • Shipping Options Set Up
  • 10 Photo Galleries/200 Images
  • Contact Form
  • Includes Full Year of Updates
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee


  • 25 Additional Pages
  • 50 Additional Simple Products/25 Variable Products
  • 1 New Form
  • New Header Banner
  • 4 Photo Galleries/100 Images
  • 2 New Complex Features
  • New Menus
  • Additional Footer Features

View Our Most Frequently
Asked Questions


What is KISS? The *Keep It Super Simple* acronym is what we base all our designs on. Don’t rock the boat with an overdone, busy website that drives your visitors away on the initial click!

We stay within acceptable GOOGLE analytics guidelines to ensure your site loads quickly. Doing so ensures it is accessable by all.


We will train you to update your site if you prefer to DIY. If you have never ventured into any WordPress editing there may be a learning curve that will require in depth training which will mean scheduling time and additional costs to you.

The more you know about the process of updating your own website the easier it will be for you to understand what is possible and what is not.

Usually there are more possibles than not.  ChatGPT is one of the most influential ‘editors’ to arrive on the development team.  We confer with AI in a lot of those cases where it seems impossible to implement a new ask from a client.

Just Ask2024-03-29T15:59:09-07:00

All it takes is a question to start you on a new path.  Website designing is fluid.  New features arrive in our updates on a regular basis.  When we see a new feature rolled out in an update and decide that it will blend in with your design we usually will implement it.

Anytime you see an issue we are always avaiable to correct it.  If one of your design features is not to your liking we will set that section up in a different way until you are satisified.

If you decide you don’t like your website or have a new logo in mind we are happy to make adjustments. We prefer to leave graphic design to the experts in that genre. We do create your website around the graphics and photos you send us. We have found that starting with your professionally designed logo, and discovering your preferences for color and the overall feel you desire is the beginning to an exceptional working relationship.


Every website should be online with an SSL certificate. Some hosts do not provide a free SSL certificate, most do. We can save you fees on hosting or domains by using Cloudflare CDN free SSL option in those cases. If you plan to have ecommerce you must have an SSL certificate to operate your checkout.

Websites need SSL certificates to keep user data secure, verify ownership of the website, prevent attackers from creating a fake version of the site, and convey trust to users.

Using an SSL certificate creates an encrypted connection between the user’s web browser and the web server. This means that any data transmitted between the web server and the web browser can not be read without first being decrypted.

Domain Names2024-03-29T15:57:45-07:00

Deciding on your Domain name is crucial to having a website that represents your business, organization, club or hobby. We will purchase your preferred domain name if( it is available), with hosting. Examples of domain names are Microsoft.com, Sony.com, Disney.com.

If you already have a domain name and/or hosting and want us to design or re-design your site we will be happy to provide our service.


We can usually work with your preferred host, or you can let us set you up on our preferred host. Hostinger provides economical plans for every need. From heavy traffic sites to hobby owners, Hostinger provides consistent up times, speed and support.

We have clients with websites hosted on DreamHost, BlueHost and GoDaddy.  The site owners were already set up with accounts and domains.  We can work with your preferred host or migrate you to ours.  If you prefer to stay with your own host, we require login credentials to do updates and ensure the site we build flows smoothly.

Updates Included2024-03-29T15:56:12-07:00

After we have created your perfect site you get the 1st year of updates included.

This is included with the Initial Build.

You have the option to continue with our services after the first year for only $175 a year!


If you are a non-profit let me know on the initial contact. We have worked with several non-profits which helps to keep the costs down.  Our prices are so reasonable we can help your organization to operate within standard non-profit guidelines.

We can create links to your preferred donation method.  Making online donations easily accessible for your visitors can help establish an uptick in your donations!


Over the years we have developed an expertise in creating online shops.  All you need is a market base and you can be selling in a matter of days!  We provide the platform, you provide the connection to your customers!

We love working with Ecommerce! WooCommerce has been integrated with Avada and WordPress to make selling your product, service or memberships flow with ease.

We include ECommerce in our Initial Build pricing to help our clients establish an online selling platform.  The base number of products in the Initial Build can be expanded by opting in for an Add-On Package!


Your  acceptance of the custom design we submit will put your website online in just a few days.

There may be times when you decide to add features including video, ecommerce, or perhaps you have decided to hand your site to new owners. We don’t  usually charge extra for additional information or services if they don’t go over what is included in the Initial Build package,  but there are cases where the original design has to be altered. In this situation extra charges may apply.

New owners may require lots of changes.  We may require a new Initial Build or Add-On package be purchased to implement updates to the design and information on the website.

24 Hours2024-03-29T15:53:10-07:00

24 hours is the usual turnaround time for updates you have submitted, unless they require design changes.

After you email your request for changes or photos to add to your site we get started on it immediately.  We always reply to emails that we have received it and working on the changes.  If it is a quick turnaround change after we receive your email the reply may be “Done!”

There is seldom a reason for us to delay replying.  If you do not hear back from us within 24 hours please email again and ask if we received your initial email.  It is always possible our spam filter was too thorough!

There’s More!2024-03-29T15:52:36-07:00

After the initial year of all updates included with the Initial Build package, if you wish to continue with updates we only charge $175 a year.

This price includes keeping the website security updated, hosting (in most cases) and domain. we will update your content as often you wish to make changes.

New pages, photo galleries and content will be added up to what is included in the Initial Build package.

We will develop ECommerce and products if needed.  New forms and features can be added within reason or you can purchase the Add-On Package to enhance your website with more pages, products and features.

These FAQs will answer the most asked questions from our prospective clients. We offer this list to help you make an informed decision on hiring our team to design your website.
We are available to answer any additional questions.

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